What Can I Expect at a Dental Implant Consultation?

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A beautiful and healthy smile is an invaluable asset in both the social scene and the professional world, and many people are nervous about smiling because of missing teeth. Luckily, dental implants are a marvelous way to replace missing teeth with lifelike and durable restorations that behave just like the real thing. The first step to getting dental implants is having a consultation with your dentist so they can examine your mouth and confirm that you are a good candidate for treatment. Here’s a brief guide to what you can expect during this meeting.

Oral Exam

A thorough oral examination is a crucial part of a dental implant consultation. Your dentist will inspect your teeth and oral tissues, and any oral infections like gum disease or tooth decay will have to be resolved before the implant process can continue. They will also evaluate the health of your jawbone to make sure that it is sturdy and thick enough to host implants.

You May Receive X-Rays

To get a better idea of the health of your jawbone, your dentist may use X-rays or CT scans to determine exactly how dense and thick it is as well as if it is healthy enough to host dental implants. This also allows the dental team to find the best location for implants and the best way to place them. If your jawbone isn’t ready to receive dental implants, you may be able to reinforce it over a few months with bone grafts.

Discussing Treatment

After examining your mouth and jaws, your dentist will thoroughly explain the situation and your treatment options. This also gives you a chance to discuss your goals and budget as well as ask any questions you may have relating to their experience and the results achieved by their previous patients. It’s a great idea to come to the consultation with a list of questions to ask.

Developing Treatment Plan

Once your dentist has examined your mouth and thoroughly discussed your options and goals with you, they can begin developing a treatment plan. They will explain how long the treatment can take, how many appointments it will require, and your anesthesia options as well as the recovery period and any aftercare instructions. The consultation phase of treatment sets the stage for the whole procedure, and it’s a great opportunity to become informed about what you can expect.

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