A Sore Subject: Why Your Dental Implant May Feel Sensitivity

Sensitivity pain is common in teeth for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because of thin enamel, other times it can be a sign of cavities or ...
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Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

Dental implants are highly regarded by dentists and patients alike as they replace both the roots and crowns of teeth. This comprehensive restoration can endure ...
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Implants VS Dentures: Which Stops Bone Loss?

Every tooth is invaluable for a healthy, functional smile. Losing even one tooth can have detrimental consequences for your oral health. Your self-esteem isn’t the ...
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What Can I Expect at a Dental Implant Consultation?

A beautiful and healthy smile is an invaluable asset in both the social scene and the professional world, and many people are nervous about smiling ...
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What Difference Does Attaching Dentures to Dental Implants Make?

Over the years, you’ve just become accustomed to wearing dentures. Perhaps you’ve accepted the little annoyances that come with these tooth replacements, but this complacency ...
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3 Surefire Tips To Get Ready Before Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants can provide you with a level of stability and security that you might struggle to find from other methods of tooth replacement. They ...
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